Texting and Driving, here are the facts, the simple truth.
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Texting n Driving Videos

Some of the videos contain graphic scenes, that may not be suitable for those of you with a weak stomach or kind hearted. I will make a note near the specific videos warning of the content.

The amount of actual drivers that are texting while driving is amazing. If you are a passenger in a vehicle just take a look around outside of the vehicle that you are in while driving to or from wherever you're going. You will be astounded by how many people do this. The scarier thing about this is that if you look you will see professional drivers doing it as well: delivery persons, law enforcement personnel, city workers, bus drivers, the list goes on. It's a crazy thing. I have a daughter that recently got her drivers license, and I am scared that other drivers who are texting and driving will not be as alert with watching the road as they should be, and will accidently go out of their lane while driving. It is a far to common practice many drivers have gotten accustom to doing while driving, instead of paying attention and driving like they should.

Please do all that you can to help prevent and stop this out of hand situation, it's not just your life that you are playing with when you decide to text and drive, but the lives of others as well. And as seen in many of the graphic videos below it could actually be more lives that could be tragically lost or hurt. To go on to the next video click the right arrow, and to go back to previous video press the left arrow. Also under the description for each video are links to each page/video.

Bus driver caught on video texting n driving -  This video has been out for a while, but is a clear sign of what can and does happen when you text and drive. He was driving a bus with two handicapped wheelchair bound passengers. He was traveling on a highway in Texas, texting and driving. There are two cameras in the bus, one on the driver, and one aiming out the front windshield. Both the camera views show simultaneously driver texting, and traffic ahead of the bus on the highway slowing and finally stopping to a dead stop in the lane he was in, in-front of him on the highway. By the time he realized the traffic had stopped, he was still going the speed limit and was to close to stop. He locks up the brakes for only a split moment before ramming the SUV in front of him, and that vehicle into the next.

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Don't Text n Drive